Religious Education

Please visit your disciple’s class any time and especially on our special days when everyone is invited.  Class continues through Mass—disciples will walk to Mass after class unless it is raining.  Attending Mass every Sunday is a requirement of our Catholic faith—Join the children there!


The Sacred Order of the Cross

There are ten guilds or levels for students in Kindergarten through Confirmation age. The program is designed to assist and encourage students to learn basic prayers and teachings of the Church.

To be enrolled in a particular guild a student must have recited all the required elements of their current level guild and the requirements of all guilds of lower rank. After successfully reciting the requirements, students will be inducted into their guilds at the award ceremony during the last PRE class.

The enrollment ceremony consists of recognizing the students and presenting them with a token of their guild. Students are given a folder with a list of requirements and a copy of all required prayers. Folders are to be returned at the end of each school year.

First Communion and Confirmation students must meet all requirements for their grade level to be able to receive the sacrament.

Prayer Buddies

Prayer in our community stands as the foundation for a great Sunday School year. Having this sheet means you have volunteered to pray for a specific child (a disciple) in the St. William Parish Religious Education Program.

Please pray for this disciple each week throughout this school year.  Our children face challenges to their faith life every day! The power of prayer can make a difference! You may use any form of personal prayer you like and we’ve included one below to get you started.

We have also included the schedule for this year. There are special days when you can visit our program to see the disciples in action! If you have any questions please ask a teacher.

Thank you so much for your time, attention, and prayers.